The Nolan Principles

Selflessness – Integrity – Objectivity – Accountability – Openness – Honesty – Leadership

“Parish councils, we all know, are hotbeds of intrigue, corruption and passion. Those who sit on them, a colourful mixture of oddballs, bullies and idiots.”

It would be unfair to characterise all those who give up their free time to serve on a Parish or Town council as ‘corrupt, bullies or idiots’. Over the years councillors have made a significant contribution to their parish, as a result of a great deal of hard work and dedication and they deserve the thanks and admiration of their parish. Given that there over 10,000 councils and around 80,000 councillors, there will always be some who work to a different agenda than that of their colleagues. It is these councillors who have allowed the name ‘parish council’ and in particular ‘parish councillor’ to be held in such low esteem by the public. But what is important is that many councils and councillors fail to uphold the very principles they agreed to uphold – The Nolan Principles.

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It’s interesting that when this site began in 2016, because of bullying, lies and corruption, within a local council, that for the next four years we would go on to see a referendum and two elections built around those very same issues – and this deceit, dishonesty and bigotry was not by just one party.… Read More

The following text has been uploaded by a former Town Councillor to highlight the issues within their council. The views and opinions expressed on this webpage are solely those of the original author and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Ask your Council or any other contributors to this… Read More

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