It’s surprising how the troubles with your own council are put into perspective when you realise that you’re not alone in how other councils treat those they serve with equal contempt and disrespect. In the News highlights just some of the strange goings on at local council level and although these are some of the worst case scenarios, it does show that once some councillors receive their ‘badge of office’ they also get an inflated ego to match. Although residents are ready to complain, they often feel their concerns go unnoticed.

This site began as a way to speak out against the deplorable acts by a member of a parish council, against staff whom he bullied, intimidated and threatened, with a total disregard for the rules and regulations he had signed up for. After an ‘independent’ investigation found the council member ‘wanting’, the majority of ‘his’ council friends agreed to bury the document. See Melbourn in Cambridgeshire for more information.

The comments in the Melbourn blog, highlight how effective questioning a council in public can be. The result – mass resignations and an election – although never intended, it did bring an end to a sorry state of affairs that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. For those who doubt the reasoning behind the sites creation, listen to the recording ‘The’ Audio Recording 25th July 2016′ to see how some councillors perform when they have the ‘badge of office’. This site was about preventing the problems that had beset the council and ensure it didn’t happen again.

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