The Car Park report update

The car park report is
now available here

Over a week since the council meeting that clearly stated the Car Park report would be made available to the public and still no sign, even the minutes were late – why?

Let us hope there are no last minute changes to this document since the full council voted to make the report available to the public.

To accept the Car Park Report recommended by the Car Park Working Party

The Chair explained the reason for having an Extraordinary meeting in camera was that the Council followed CAPALC’s process. Mr Ian Dewar from CAPALC was present at the meeting and explained that he had a meeting with the Council and as the report was coming from individuals that produced the report it was important both Councillors and members of the public were relieved of any obligations financial or otherwise from any Councillor named in the report and the object was to ensure the report becomes a Parish Council document. Mr Dewar went onto state that as the matter was still to be a sensitive issue and it was in the Councils remit to have a meeting in camera to answer any questions before making a decision to accept the report.

The Chair explained that during the in camera session the Council discussed the process and how the report will be published and that the Council will be publishing more information than just the report.

There was a discussion about redacting names from a document from one of the appendices, however it was felt that the names should not be redacted, but in addition there will be a list of All Councillors who have been involved with the Car Park Project.

The Council had also voted to publish a covering letter which expresses the Car Park Working Party’s
frustration on the length of time this report has taken to complete, it also includes the frustration about the working party’s independent Chair and his lack of availability.

A member thanked the Car Park Working Party for their report and he was fully in support of the recommendations. The member stated he had a number of comments which would enhance the document and improve the methodology and stated that his comments should be discussed further or if this is not possible then asked that his comments be included as part of the appendices.

The Chair explained this evenings meeting is to accept the report and not to discuss the content and the Parish Council are not endorsing the content.

The Chair explained that once Councillors and members of the public have had chance to look at the report, can they then put in writing to The Clerk their questions and they can be published with the report to be discussed at the November Parish Council meeting.

The Car Park Working Party asked the Chair who should answer the questions. The Chair explained the Car Parking Working Party will be responsible for answering the questions as the report was not written by the Parish Council.

The Chair stated the following documentation will be published:

  • The Car Park Working Party Report
  • The 3½ page report submitted to the Working Party from Mr Roland Potter prior to his resignation
  • Covering letter from the Car Park Working party to the Parish Council
  • Email from independent Chair giving his resignation
  • A list of Councillors who have been involved in the Car Park Project
  • Terms of Reference Car Park Working Party – 26 October 2016
  • Cllr Hales and Regan’s Comments (which will be published alongside the report)

A member from the Car Park Working Party stated the non-Parish Councillors may not wish to be involved in further discussion at the November Parish Council meeting, but will be given the opportunity to do so.


The Chair explained the report will now be made public. If either Councillors or Members of the Public have particular questions they will want answering at the November Parish Council meeting, please send them to The Clerk who will co-ordinate written responses.

Minutes from Monday 23 October 2017

Friday 2 November 2017 and still no sign!


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  • Why is there no audio recording of this meeting ?

    Standing orders of the council state that all meetings must be recorded so that the chair can verify the details if the minutes are questioned.

    The chair and clerk were advised of this before the meeting,
    yet there is no audio recording ?

    Why ? what are they hiding,

    same old councilors doing the same old things,

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