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Appendices to ‘The Fish Rots from the Head’

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  1. NEP Cllr email trail
  2. Scribbled notes on meeting minutes; motion of February 2014
  3. My comments to the Deputy Town Clerk re 3rd February meeting to correct minutes
  4. Committee meeting minutes minus legally binding approved motions
  5. Deputy Town Clerk email trail; evidence of refusing to action approved motion
  6. Deputy Town Clerk email trail; attempt to try and get compliance
  7. Deputy Town Clerk email trail; evidence of not writing meeting minutes (July 2014)
  8. Minutes fiasco and reporting to *CC
  9. Systemic Diagrammatic Representation
  10. Audit Commission. Fraud Risks in Parish and Town Councils – Advice for Councillors
  11. Internal Auditors Report plus email info given
  12. ICO’s confirmation letter
  13. Northern Echo article
  14. NHS Awards presentation card
  15. Spreadsheet – estimate of cost to public purse of unauthorised pay (£60,000 salary)
  16. Barrister letters – selection
  17. Meeting obstruction / misleading Council email trails
  18. Internal Auditor email trail
  19. Council issues. Posted to all other Cllrs following ‘silencing and threats’ by TCl
  20. Correspondence to the Mayor and Town Clerk (February 2017)
  21. Jan’20. Letter to TCo Chairman re DPA breach including Subject Access Request
  22. Feb’20. Follow up letter to TCo Chairman
  23. AGAR Objections table
  24. Nov’20. Claims Company letter