“Blown out of all proportion”

“Blown out of all proportion – how ridiculous”, is in an unfortunate comment made under ‘A new beginning?’ … and what a contradiction of words!

There are a number of comments under ‘A new beginning!’, regarding an incident that took place in the Hub on Wednesday 3 August. In brief, the victim at the centre of the bullying accusations by a former member of the parish council, visited the ‘public’ Hub with her two young children at which point she was approached by a member of the Hub staff and was verbally abused. The staff member then refused to serve her and her family. There were also threats to have the family barred from the Hub. (For additional threads on this, see ‘A new beginning?’)

Now I am sure ‘Diner at the Hub’ and others will say “She would say that wouldn’t she?” Actually ‘she’ didn’t, it was her daughters who explained what had happened and in very clear detail.

Yes! The children were upset and yes they were frightened, given the circumstances you would have found some adults feeling just as vulnerable.

I suspect ‘Diner at the Hub’ did not witness the actual altercation or they would have presented a different version of events and no I didn’t. But as I said, I spoke to the children who I felt gave an honest account.

When I arrived the mood of the family was sombre and I am sure ‘Diner at the Hub’ would have witnessed this. I sat with the family and had ‘tea’ and yes the mood lightened. Laughing and joking? No. But parents are unlikely to sit in an angry and agitated mood in front of their daughters who had only recently been subjected to a form of harassment from a stranger.

Let’s make it very clear. Yes, we did go to the counter to get drinks and was served by a very helpful and friendly young lady. This incident is about one member of staff only and her behaviour should not reflect on any other members of staff.

To ‘Resident of Melbourn’ you are absolutely right when you say – this incident is a shocking and very serious occurrence. The severity of the accusation deserves more than a small comment tucked away on this website, as if it is of little interest. As the ‘witness’ stated, children were involved here.



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