The Car Park report was produced following public criticism over of the Parish Councils handling of the project that saw costs escalate to over £500,000,000.

The Parish Council created a ‘Car Park Working Group’ overseen by an independent Chairman. The Working Group also contained Parish Councillors and members of the public.

However, Mr Rowland resigned resigned due to certain issues.

“As you can see from the report the group wished to have certain additional comments made. It was during this that I realised that some members of the working party appear to have drawn certain opinions about councillors and their contribution to the current situation. I was concerned that these appear to be personal and therefore it is only right that the members of the working group present the report to Council as I cannot fully support their enthusiasm to attribute blame.”

This left the Parish Council to complete the investigate!


Appendix 4 – Report of the Car Park Working Group

Note: Appendix 4 is the same as Appendix 3 with three notable changes see **

1   Purpose of the Phase 2 Report

2   Executive Summary
3   Methodology
4   Issues faced by the Working Group
5     Observations
5.1   How a Parish Council should operate
5.2   Mode of Operation for the Car Park Project
6   Public Consultation
6.1   Comments on Public Consultation
7   Tendering
8   Moving items on an Agenda to Confidential (in camera)
9   The Council’s Internal Management of the Project
9.1   Internal Management – Working Group Comments
10   Accountability
10.1   Accountability – Working Group Comments
11   Summary Recommendations

1   Background
2   Scope
3   Working Group Membership
4   Programme
5   Deliverables