November 2016

Melbourn Parish Council Working Parties
and Terms of Reference

Car Park Working Party

  • Roland Potter
  • Cllr John Regan
  • Cllr Jose Hales
  • Cllr Steve Kilmurray
  • Duncan Baker
  • John Goodricke
  • Mike Swann

1.   Background
Terms of reference for Melbourn Parish Council
car park working group

Melbourn Parish Council voted on 10th October to establish a Car Park Working Group to review the events surrounding the construction of the High Street Car Park completed in December 2015.

2.   Scope
  1. Phase 1 is to be an urgent review of the contractors final estimated cost of £393,364.09 and make recommendations to the Parish Council as to the way forward.
  2. Phase 2 is to be a full Post Project Review to learn lessons for future projects authorised by the Parish Council.
  3. The reviews will investigate amongst other issues:
    • the requirement
    • scope of work
    • contract strategy and procurement
    • roles and responsibilities
    • the management of the project
    • financial management and control
    • public consultation
    • programming of the work
    • change management
    • the final account
    • value for money
3.   Working Group Membership
  1. It was agreed by the Parish Council that the Working Group have an independent chair
  2. Three Parish Councillors to serve as members of the working Group
  3. It was also agreed that volunteers be sought from members of the public to serve on the Working Group (three totally independent members are suggested)
  4. 4.   Programme
    1. In view of the pending litigation Phase 1 will need to be completed by 28th October, should an extension of time be granted this date will be revised accordingly.
    2. The Phase 2 programme to be agreed by the Working Group once formed.
    3. 5.   Deliverables
      1. The Working Group will publish reports for each phase of the work for Parish Council approval prior to being placed in the public domain.
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