Councillors who are dishonest   Melbourn in Cambridgeshire

Yes, I know we’ve heard it all before, but …

“I find it appalling that our elected officials are prepared to commit acts of abuse and then happily lie to cover their tracks, I find it equally disturbing that other councillors are happy to support them by refusing to give an account of the incident.

There were two very clear and separate accounts of the incident, statements from senior councillors who are new to their positions gave their account which were honest in their recollections. We then have the second group of statements that are made by the longer serving members, the two sets of statements are total opposites to each other.

It is not possible for both sets to be accurate there can only be one set that is accurate and one set that is fictitious, also the separating line is very clearly between newer councillors and longer serving councillors, the chances of that by accident is extremely small.

The final point is that the inaccurate statements have simply swapped over the names of the two people involved to make the guilty party entirely innocent.

As things go, all in all an extremely clumsy and ill thought through attempt at deception but it did work for them but all parties involved know they are lying but are not prepared to address it.

I have listed my complaint to the Monitoring Officer so anyone interested can draw his or her own conclusions as to the truth.

I readily accept the complaint is long because I tried to approach it from different angles hoping that one would gel with the reader, not to be unfortunately.”

This letter was posted on the website Preston parish council problems on 10 February 2013.
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Interesting! It seems Melbourn is not the only council to have suffered this type of issue.


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