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Manchester Evening News | Posted 1st June 2005

No confidence vote in parish council

Tintwistle Parish Council has received a vote of no confidence – although the borough council has warned it may not mean its abolition.

Residents who attended Tuesday’s poll voted yes to the question: Do you want to abolish the parish council? by 191 votes to 183.

High Peak Borough Council will make a final decision on its future. But officials are under no obligation to take note of the poll and said the government supports the idea of parish councils, something they would take into account.

A spokeswoman said: “The council may at any time carry out a review of parishes within its area. However, there is no duty on it to do so.”

She added: “If the borough council decided to give consideration to a review this is a lengthy process prescribed by law. It includes comprehensive consultation procedures of all those who would be affected.

“It would also require a detailed evaluation of the financial and other consequences to the residents.

“The ultimate decision would be made by the secretary of state.”

Chairman Pat Jenner said he was disappointed at the result of the vote.

“It’s not a great victory but it is something we have to be concerned about. Although some people weren’t able to vote, disabled people and people who were working because there was no postal vote,” he said. “It’s up to High Peak council now.”

He said he hoped the parish council and the residents’ association, which called for the poll, could put aside their differences.

Chairman of the residents’ association, Ralph Bennett, said the result shows the ‘obvious disquiet’ among the electorate.

“This result gives us the moral high ground,” he said.

“And it’s up to the people who voted against the parish council to petition High Peak to see it through.”