Local Authorities are required to adopt a Code of Conduct which sets out rules governing the behaviour of their Members and satisfies the requirements of the Localism Act 2011. All elected, co-opted and independent Members of local authorities, are required to abide by their own, formally adopted, Code. The Code of Conduct seeks to ensure that Members observe the highest standards of conduct in their civic role. The Code is intended to be consistent with the Nolan principles. This is only a guide on how to set out a Code of Conduct, councils are free to produce their own interpretation.



1    Citation, commencement and application
2    Model Code of Conduct
3    Disapplication of certain statutory provisions
4    Revocation and savings

1    Introduction and interpretation
2    Scope
3    General obligations

1    Personal interests
2    Disclosure of personal interests
3    Prejudicial interest generally
4    Effect of prejudicial interests on participation

1    Registration of members’ interests
2    Sensitive information

Click here to download a copy of the Model Code of Conduct.