Something To Talk About

It’s interesting that when this site began in 2016, because of bullying, lies and corruption, within a local council, that for the next four years we would go on to see a referendum and two elections built around those very same issues – and this deceit, dishonesty and bigotry was not by just one party. So if Westminster can do it, why can’t those at parish & town council level do the same!

Unfortunately, there are many local councillors who see themselves right up there with those at Westminster. So attitudes are unlikely to change.

On the ‘London School of Economics and Political Science’ blog, was the following quote:

Parish Councils have an enormous potential for helping to create vibrant communities, where individuals can share information and get involved in shaping the places they live in. They are the most accessible point of democratic engagement in the UK, and therefore are vital for reinvigorating our representative democracy.

You couldn’t argue with the sentiment, just that in reality sharing information, accessible point of democratic engagement and reinvigorating our representative democracy, is in many areas pie in the sky!

There have been many troubling accounts over the years as the ‘In the News‘ and ‘Something To Say’ has shown it still goes on, unabated.