Questions to the Council? – Update

So where are we with these questions – nowhere YET

The Monday Parish Council meeting was shambolic – disgraceful, underhanded, manipulative, dishonest and even deceitful – just some of the comments used by residents who attended.

Over 40 people including two members of the press turned up to hear what the council had to say about this document and the questions put before them.

A surprise for many that attended including the councillors, was the complaint document had been returned to the council agenda on the advice of CAPALC. There had been procedural issues in the way the extraordinary meeting was conducted.

When the agenda item finally arrived the council were informed that since a parish councillor had handed the document to a member of the public, it had put the document in the public domain. The rather angry councillor argued that he had the right to ask the opinion of others. Although he and other councillors insist that residents of Melbourn are not entitled to an opinion.

There then followed a number of exchanges with residents, all very congenial – from the resident’s side. One suggestion put to the council on Monday offered a way out. Stand up and admit you were wrong, apologise and make restitution, in all likelihood it will be forgotten in time. This was ignored.

So, once again a motion was put by the Chairman that the council go ‘in-camera’ and as before, councillors agreed, with the exception of three who voted against the motion.

For 30 minutes the residents and press sat outside the office waiting to hear what we all expected. Once everyone returned to the room, the Chairman announced the document will not be discussed and that they will not be answering any of the questions put to them. The Chairman said they would put together a working party to discuss how to proceed and how they answer the questions. In time they will inform the public.

So where are we now? CAPALC believe the document is now in the public domain and we await confirmation. Should that be the case it will be put on the site and presumably on the notice board.

What is this document about? Not telling tales out of school, it is about Intimidation and bullying, this information is already in the public domain.

Who was the complaint made against? Before the meeting people only guessed whose name was on the document. Unfortunately, for that person, one of his closest colleagues inadvertently named HIM, but we will let the report tell you who he is.

So what is the answer. Whoever the person named in the document is, in the first instance the Chairman of Melbourn Parish Council must resign from the council. He has led what can only be described as the most disgraceful behaviour ever seen at the Parish Council.

There has been manipulation to prevent the document being seen by the public. Many on the council have followed the Chairman with eyes wide open so they can’t say ‘I didn’t know’.

Once again they have used in-camera as a way to prevent publication, claiming public interest, but it is nothing more than a smokescreen, an attempt to protect a member of the Parish Council. However, by their actions, the council are clearly fighting to avoid being further embarrassed.

For more information visit Melbourn Parish Council Website (Click here)



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