Council of the Month August 2016!

In an ironic, some may say crawl twist of fate Melbourn parish council before its demise won a National award.

They were voted Council of the Month August 2016.

No not a spoof or dreamt up by a resident of the village, the accolade was given to them by CPALC an advisory group to Communities, Parish and Local Councils. The award was for the following.

There are many grounds on which this award was won…

  1. Lack of transparency
  2. Treatment of residents
  3. Forgetting that residents pay for the council and its activities
  4. How not to hold a meeting
  5. Bringing their own and other Parish Councils into disrepute
  6. Forgetting that whilst the council may not believe in communication the rest of the world does

For more information on the award go to the following link. CPALC Award

Please note. There are two Local authority advisory groups which are owned and operated independently of each other:
CPALC – Communities, Parish and Local Councils.
CAPALC – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Association of Local Councils.
CAPALC works directly with Parish Councils and they have been involved in trying to resolve the problem of the grievance document.


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